EP Review: Hate Club: A Clear Mistake – One Hell of an Auditory Ride

Scorching, slick and new, A Clear Mistake is the latest installment from the New York Indie punks, Hate Club. In just three searing tracks, the band display a diverse lyrical and stylistic range.

How? Through interlacing 90s Indie tropes – most likely influenced by the likes of Pixies and Sonic Youth – with raucous energy. Oh, and a touch of the griminess of classic Garage Rock. The team tightly knit an array of eclectic sounds together, a feat that results in a distinctive, lively EP.

“Hot Take” initiates with the whining reverb of a guitar and the constant clack of drumsticks – and this instantly presents the hallmark style and tone of the band. Their sound clearly isn’t the members’ only strength, however – both in this song and beyond.

Lead vocalist, Bondy, is worth noting: his lyrical wit is highly impressive. He drolly sings ‘all your favourite bands have moved away/ you’ve been complaining about something everyday’.

Behind his words, he delivers a pointed aim the complacency that currently plagues the music scene. Though his sharp tongue is offset by the heavy fuzz of guitars in the background.

This level of wit is exemplified once again in “Earth Sign” – in which co-founder Audrey Goodemote decries the condescension of sexist men – all of whom she condemns with her slacker-style vocals. With the defiant apostrophe ‘I’ll take back everything you took’, a shift in tone appears – thanks to a well-timed chorus arrival. Eventually, the track develops into a bold cacophony of both emotion and music, against an effective backdrop of Goodemote’s echoing vocals.

Clear Mistake’s climax, ‘“Unpredictable”, reinforces the band’s uninhibited Indie Punk prowess; it even nods to heroes like The Cure.

Bondy’s lyrics cut through softly-played verses, before the overall piece explodes into a chorus of crashing drums and guitar screeches.

The spirit of the EP is perhaps best captured by the ‘whoop!’ caught right at the end of the final song. Most will no doubt find listening to it one hell of an auditory ride.

Maddie Farnhill


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