Album Review: Sevdaliza – The Calling

A year after her 2017 release Ison, Iranian-Dutch queenly music-crafter Sevdaliza has bounced back with The Calling, an auditory quest of vocal elegance, avant-garde aesthetic, and wonder.

The musician elucidates the central theme by explaining her attraction to the specific processes and moods of song-creation, emphasising that she prefers the natural progressions of musical styles and sounds, as opposed to specific genres.

Her sentiment manifests most heavily in the free-flowing development of each track, especially in album midpoint “Soothsayer”. Here, she lures the listener in with enticingly mellow keys, strings laced with melancholy, and her irresistibly delicate singing.

She then elevates us with a generous spreading of chords across a sorrowful vocal melody, creating a chorus infectious enough to sate our curiosity whilst making us hunger for more intriguing music.

And yet, there is more: swift motions of string arrangements glide through the ears like silk, evading every drumbeat with perfection in an impeccable climax.

This is just one example of how the artist’s excellence beams through her latest release; throughout every track, she illustrates an irrefutable ability to match style with content. And during the process, she transports us to vivid and exciting realms.


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