Single Review: Iceage – Catch It

Featured on the Copenhagen band’s fourth record, “Catch It” supplies a narrative on dependency – but, unlike most drug-centred stories, it does so from the perspective of a provider.

Lead singer Elias Rønnenfelt excels as a vocalist in her impeccable delivery of harrowing verses over an ensemble of open-chord strums and marching percussion, likened to the style of a Nick Cave track (an artist whose influence is recognisable across much of the band’s discography).

Rønnenfelt’s nonchalant vocals instruct his audience to ‘Come make it real’, before promising that ‘These arbitrary thrills will never fail to transcend’, gracing listeners with two phrases that are not just alluring, but also beguilingly poetic.

Building up to a sonic, chaotic bridge, where the instruments clash in a wave of heavy distortion, the track concludes at its dramatic chorus, where Rønnenfelt once again urges his audience to  ‘Catch it’.

Compared to the songs on their first two records, constructed on short, abrasive formats influenced by 80s Hardcore, “Catch It” showcases the band’s more somber songwriting style – especially in its slow, reverberated chord progressions.

Admittedly, the guitars are slightly distorted – but the team manage to retain the punk aesthetic that the band are so highly praised for through its vocal and stylistic capabilities.

Sean Johnson

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