Album Review: Bad Sounds – Get Better

Bad Sounds’ debut album has been long awaited. Having released their first EP, PHRESSSH, back in early 2017 – featuring single releases “Wages” and “Avalanche” – and yet another – Mixtape One – later on that same year, it soon became evident that the brothers from Bath were hardly short of promising material.  

With their singles having been chosen as Annie Mac’s ‘Hottest Record’ on multiple occasions over the course of early 2018, Bad Sounds have finally begun to garner well-deserved acclaim for their infectious belters. So when August came around, the month of their first album release, fans were waiting expectantly. Amd given the praise of its single releases, no wonder it was so warmly welcomed.

Get Better expertly finesses complex emotions and experiences, one which begins with a tongue-in-cheek Self-help guide before kicking into the fully-fleshed sequence of tracks. Bad Sounds has an authentic style which, frustratingly, is challenging to define: the music oscillates between breezy Hip Hop and Pop, with an exceptionally more soulful sound on “How Are You Gonna Lose?”

It is fair to say that the band endeavours to elicit feel-good vibes with its debut album – not even the darker anthem of the sequence, “Thomas Is a Killer” allows it to lose the spirit which the previous tracks conjure.

In regard to the band’s capacity for performing live, it is evident that its debut album was made for live gigs; from start to finish, it exudes an engaging quality. Upon seeing the band live, I am confident in my ability to confirm this. The band galvanised the majority of crowd members to sing along with inordinate amounts of enthusiasm. How these singing recruits were able to do this in spite of the album having only be released two months prior to the gig is a testament to the enticing quality of the music (as well as the comprehensive teaching skills of the band!)

When an album lives up to, and indeed surpasses all expectations, it is worth spreading the word about. Though Get Better has been a success for the band, it is yet to receive the widespread recognition it thoroughly deserves. A flawless and fun debut.

Isobel Cox

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