News: Satellite Stories release new album

The Finnish Indie Pop troupe that is Satellite Stories has recently stormed into the music realm with its shimmering ten track comeback Cut Out By The Lights.

Heralded by rave single reviews from the likes of CLASH magazine – critics for which have praised the singular release of “Coupons” as ‘ridiculously infectious’ – the album in its entirety was met with eager anticipations by avid and prospective fans alike upon its release last week. Gossamer synths, soft vocals and endless streams of love-laced guitars knit together to form a sequence that harks back to the glimmering indie pop that marked the sound of the late 2000s, delivering a style evocative of playful Danish poppers Alphabeat and anthemic icons Two Door Cinema Club.

All breeds of the love, toils and brief sighs of joy emblematic of a typical adolescence comprise the thematic core that the various audio concoctions of synths, drums and spicy guitar riffs effectively elucidate. We at We Are Unseen particularly recommend the eponymous track of the album and “Carried Away” – with each piece revealing more layers of indie sumptuousness upon each listen, they illustrate the fresh take on shiny soft rock pop that Satellite Stories offers.

Beth Andralojc

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