Album Review: Broken Bellows – I, Kaleidoscope

Cory Brent and Will Prinzi, former members of the punk band Reckless Serenade, have announced the release date for their new album I, Kaleidoscope. After the dispersal of their former band, the duo decided to continue their music journey and create their own band, Broken Bellows. After releasing their first EP called The Card Table in 2017, Brent and Prinzi carried on writing music for Fervor Records and are now set to release a full album on the 13th July this year.

Broken Bellows’ eleven track album consists of upbeat rhythms, intricate melodies, and passionate lyrical sections to create the ultimate fulfilment of musical genius. One of the new tracks, ‘Animals’, depicts the band’s roots in the punk rock genre as well as their exploration of different styles. This track opens with an instrumental section in which hypnotic vocals drift in and out, allowing listeners time to reflect on each line of the lyrics. The percussion rapidly builds until the chorus asserts itself and depicts Broken Bellows’ musical power and passion. ‘Animals’ epitomises their passion and refusal to stop creating music, despite past setbacks and troubles within their previous band.

At the other end of the band’s musical spectrum is ‘Sunrise’, a track created around a slower tempo, delicate instrumental accompaniment, and emotive lyrics. The signature of all Broken Bellows’ music, a daydream-esque and hypnotic atmosphere, is created here. However, this track highlights the band’s temporary move away from the punk rock genre to experiment with other genres and music techniques. Alternative Press perfectly explain Brent and Prinzi’s music, describing their tracks as ‘delicate and light, and yet simultaneously heavy and emotional’. [1]  Similarly, their new music balances on the verge between the upbeat and positive, and the emotionally thought-provoking. In terms of ‘Sunrise’, the instrumental section and soft vocals compliment the band’s reach for ‘delicate and light’. On the other hand ‘Lemonade’ screams ‘heavy and emotional’. With synthesisers, upbeat rhythms and punchy vocal sections, this track celebrates the band’s rock-influenced musicality. ‘Lemonade’ submerges listeners in both emotive lyrics about love and the heavy and technically flawless instrumental accompaniment to once again show the band’s skill of balancing the light with the deep.

I, Kaleidoscope is not one to be missed. The inspirational duo, Brent and Prinzi, have shown the world their resilience and persistence against setbacks and band break ups, and how a passion for music fuelled the band’s creation and their continuing success within the music industry.

Emma Humphrey


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