Review: LadyChild – LadyChild

The latest jazz-pop performer to emerge from New York has proved herself more than ready to release a debut EP. Growing up in Putnam County LadyChild  (born Genevieve Faivre) has immersed herself in the arts from a tender age; having taken on piano and singing lessons, to eventually reading Performance and Philosophy at college, she has experienced artistry in a myriad of forms.

Her bold decision to relocate to Brooklyn almost seven years enabled her to pursue a career as a musical performer, composer and crafter – and the rest, as they say, is history. The five tracks comprising her debut sequence testify her deep understanding of art and its creation, with each one blending blues and intoxicating indie-rock with honest storytelling.

An exemplary exposition piece, ‘Out of Breath’ acquaints the listener with the stylistic and driving, soulful melodies demonstrated by LadyChild. As an opening track, it contrasts nicely with the subsequent ‘Man Overboard’, which structurally speaking is more of a blues ballad that intertwines with a hippy groove that one could imagine being the finishing result of a project that Tori Amos wrote for Florence Welch and her machine. ‘Lazy Girl’, conversely, is definite material for an acoustic setting, and given its mournful tone, is befitting as the buffer between the more upbeat pieces that surround it.

Penultimate piece ‘Fooled Again’ and the concluding ‘Just Fine’, however, are notably inspired by jazz, seemingly citing a predominant influence from Amy Winehouse’s 2003 debut smasher Frank. Saxophone notes accentuate LadyChild’s vocal phrasing perfectly, showcasing the higher field of her vocal range that reveals itself more confidently towards the end of the sequence.

At its core, LadyChild’s creation is a passionate celebration of jazz, funk and blues. Its songs are well-written and equally accessible for ardent proponents of these genres and mainstream music listeners, an effect that facilitates its potential for wide-ranging appeal. The limited number of tracks on the album, however, inhibits LadyChild from illustrating her immense range of song-crafting and vocal abilities.

Disregarding its confined space, it is exciting for an artist to be so well accomplished on her first release – I, for one, wait with impatience for her next, hopefully lengthier, artistic venture.

Sam Meleady


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