EP Review: The Cabin Fever – Exercise The Demon

The epitome of raw emotion, Exercise The Demon delivers an authentic insight into personal, painful afflictions of fear and anxiety. Despite the sobering themes of the Alternative Shoegaze Indie music typically associated with the band, the tracks comprising the new EP are laced with immense musicality and lyricism.

Its production has furthermore enabled band members to “relive their own fear, anxiety, and depression” and, through the power of truth and honesty in their music, help others in distress, too.

Prior to their most recent auditory adventure, the team released ‘Agoraphobic’ – a single focusing on the debilitations that emerge from agoraphobia (an intense fear of crowded spaces) in the summer of 2016. Lyrics from the piece such as: ’I find it easier to be myself by myself’ and ‘I hope I wake up and everyone has disappeared’ highlight how the band collectively rely on the experiences recounted by those that struggle with agoraphobia.

A realistic depiction of anxiety is a theme continued in Exercise The Demon. ‘His People’, for example, with its brazen allusions to the capricious bheaviour exhibited by some people and passionate portrayals of liars and those that have ‘acted evil’, is extremely evocative. Emotive lyrics accompany a collocation of heavy drumming patterns and distorted guitar melodies in a track that is powerful enough to immerse listeners in an often unjustifiably stigmatised affliction.

In approaching a challenging theme, the band have developed a piece incorporating subsequent reactions, true beliefs and realistic emotions to reach out to listeners who have struggled against mental health issues. To remind them that they are not alone in the world.

Raspy, impassioned vocals from Sean Moriarty and the instrumental accompaniment of Bedolla and Beam transform each track into poignant, yet relatable songs. The band prove that successful music stems from a capacity for  interacting with listeners; creating a community of listeners who can relate to the lyrics and be inspired. Through Exercise The Demon, The Cabin Fever succeeds in producing both of these aforementioned qualities.

Emma Humphrey

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