Review: Yo No Say – Inner

Yo No Say’s debut album Get Lost consisted of synthesizers and complex guitar accompaniments; “the music was thick and complex,” one member expressed in a recent press release. 

While Toal created the ultimate rock atmosphere with his drumming, band members Feldman, Brightfield, Delgado and McCusker used guitar, bass, and piano to add further layers of instrumental backing to their vocals.

Their latest release shows a continuation of such high quality music, yet Yo No Say are said to have simplified the overall composition; collectively, its members aimed to create an EP which reflects life in the real world with many layers of meaning to explore for listeners.

‘Lock – the opening piece on the five track EP – provides a platform for the band to display their impeccable vocals, harmonies, and indie-infused musical accompaniment. The piece develops from a simple vocal section with softly-synthesised backing into a complex array of drum and bass sounds.

Whilst the lyrics highlight some deep and stimulating topics, the fast tempo of the song ensures that this deep lyrical investment does not develop into a melancholy that overshadows the vibes of indie-rock and electro.

‘Lampshade’ further illuminates the musical craftsmanship of the Yo Say No team. By merging heavy instrumental sections with gentle, meaningful lyrics, they create an infectious auditory display.

Its offbeat section, in particular, transforms it from a standard four-beat piece into a unique song with staggered instrumental sounds. Such an exhibition of talent will surely grasp the attention of all veracious music listeners, from indie-rock fans, to electro geeks, to chart followers.

Although it only consists of a few tracks, each piece is filled to the brim with such inventiveness and skill, that it is worth celebrating.

Emma Humphrey

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