Review: Drop the Gun – Drop the Gun

Drop The Gun is the latest project by Sara Savery – a Danish multi-instrumentalist and singer songwriter based in Brooklyn, who has also previously performed as part the electronica group People Press Play, Brooklyn/Copenhagen based collective Blue Foundation and most notably as a member of neo-shoegaze band Ghost Society.

This self-titled EP consists of seven mesmerising and atmospheric tracks, each carrying a laid back and chilled groovy sound, with the exception of their striking interlude ‘Man Talk’. This simply conveys 35 seconds of a man’s breakup speech, obviously angry lines such as “leave me the f*** alone” providing an unusual contrast with the rest of the EP’s light, airy and soft tones. However, it in turn leads nicely into the lyrics of the following track ‘Shaking Ground’ that paint the picture of woman’s emotions while being trapped in a similarly frustrating relationship.

Listening to this EP, it is clear that this collection of songs channel the wide range of emotions that come with the different relationship situations that people find themselves in. The longing lyrics of ‘All I Want’ are paired beautifully with calm, mellow beats and Sara’s haunting and hypnotic vocals to create a delightful opening track. Confessional lines such as “You’ve got me feeling so strung out on you” in ‘Weeknd’ and “I can’t let you go” in ‘Ways To Forget’ undoubtedly deal with some of the discontent and distress that come with relationships; but the harsh realities that the lyrics may convey are diluted somewhat by the ‘dreamy, electronic beats’, described by Eleven Six as being ‘hauntingly pure and encapsulating’.

Sara’s wispy but strong voice bares resemblance to that of artists such as Dido and Sia, with tracks such as ‘Deeper’ displaying delicate backing vocals similar to those of Lana Del Rey. In addition to this, it is hard to ignore Sara’s lustful lyrics on the sensual track ‘Get It On’ which appear to continue the distinctive sound of Sara’s sensuous musical aura which is evident in her previous work such as ‘Lost’ by Blue Foundation.

Overall, it is safe to say that this EP is a captivating and dazzling piece of work by Drop The Gun, which displays Sara’s sweet and enchanting vocals with a cool, synth backdrop.

Megan Wood

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