Review: Luke Faas – Apathy

Norwegian singer and songwriter Luke Faas  is set to release his new album Apathy this month. His music showcases a fusion of contemporary electronic sounds with classic genres of music.

To accompany this fusion of musical genres, he includes several emotive lyrics- many of which echo personal experiences. The collaboration of electronic sounds, synthesised interludes and evocative lyrics collaborate to create intriguing tracks.

Apathy is a seven track album which celebrates this modern style of music and “packs soul into a lush electronic landscape” according to NYLON. The track Why bother perfectly highlights this view, where the lyrics take centre stage to reflect an unsettled personal friendship for the speaker.

Whilst the lyrics intrigue the listener, the synthesised music is in no way overshadowed; starting as a quiet accompaniment, the electronic backing is crafted to create a new dimension to this track. The repeated sequence of off-beats along with the inclusion of an echo adds to the overall effect of a modern electronic sound to support the lyrics.

Towards the end of the track, the electronic instrumental section is given the stage to showcase Faas’ incredible abilities as a multi-instrumentalist, and the unique additions to the sound from the Producer, Nicolay Tangen Svennæs. This track merges emotion with electronics to create a unique and mesmerising piece of music, which is certain to be a huge hit with listeners.

All Downhill is of a slower tempo than others an emotive track which speaks to human nature and our thoughts of optimism and pessimism. Although slower in tempo, Faas does not remove any of the electronic technique featured in his other tracks. Again, the lyrics start as the focal point with instrumental accompaniment, yet the track soon develops to share the stage with the modern electronic soundtrack. This track certainly shows the versatility of electronic music and further showcases the musical talent of Luke Faas and his production team.

Electronic music is definitely not the stereotypical genre for up-beat, loud music. Apathy highlights the beauty and the delicate nature of electronic sounds in some of his music as well as showing the up-beat potential also. This album is definitely one to listen out for when it is released June 2017.

Emma Humphrey

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