Review: Anna Coogan – The Lonely Cry of Space and Time

Guitarist, composer, producer and singer; Anna Coogan exudes a multiplicity of musical talents. Having studied opera singing in Mozarteum University of Salzburg, Coogan brings the opera into the modern day, merging this authentic traditional sound with new age genres of indie, rock, Americana, country, folk, and more experimental tones. Brought up on the protest songs of Bob Dylan, Coogan is now based in Ithica, New York. Her new album experiments in and around these genres, beautifully harmonising the contrasting sounds with one other. Having already gained strong musical credibility, being awarded 4/5 stars by The Telegraph for her last album, her new album is one to listen out for. The Lonely Cry Of Space And Time will be released on 28th April 2017.

Opening track ‘The Lonely Cry Of Space And Time’ perfectly sets the tone for the rest of the album as her array of different genres join together in a pumped and vibrant starting track. The modern folk vibes are perfectly complemented by more electronic experimental sounds, while her sweet female vocals make it uniquely hers. The album lets us fully hear and appreciate her operatic skill, her vocal range displaying the dedication she has put into her singing over the years.

‘Burn For You’, ‘Last Exit’, and ‘Sylvia’ work together as a three part movement held within the eleven tracks, creating an interesting development of sounds as each third offers a different vibe and emotional stage. The sound moves from powerful and beautiful opera to a haunting musical interlude, before building up to a climactic reharmonisation of soft-rock and opera, eventually ending on a folky pop section to blend back into the sound of the rest of the album. It is powerful moments like these in the album which demonstrate Coogan’s innovation in musical production.

Her operatic vocals continue to build and radiate as the album progresses, tracks such as ‘If You Were The Sun’ allowing a space for her incredible singing talent to be heard with raw passion and emotion. The more pop-ballad form of ‘Wedding Vow’ illuminates the power that classical vocals can have within modern genres as the range of pitch and vibrato encapsulates another level of human feeling. Coogan uses her range of genres and sounds perfectly; her new album is a spectacular union of sounds from a range of times and places, yet all grounded within her own unique musical vision. As the final track ‘By Morning’ ends abruptly as if on a cliff hanger, we can only pray that this means we will be hearing a lot more from Anna Coogan in years to come.

Rowan Bennett

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