Review: Minus the Bear – VOIDS

American Indie- rock band Minus the Bear have announced the release of their new album, VOIDS, set to be made public on the 3rd March for all to enjoy.

Formed in 2001, this band has been blessing ears from here there and everywhere with numerous indie tracks filled with electronic and synthesised brilliance, upbeats rhythms and passionate vocals. Although there have been several changes made to the group over the years, their new album definitely provides a splendid array of musical talents. Jake Snider’s vocals are accompanied by Dave Knudson on guitar and Cory Murchy on bass and Alex Rose on keyboard; Rose also provides the backing vocals for all the new tracks.

The new album consists of ten tracks, each with a unique sound and vocal range. ‘Tame Beasts’ is a track which definitely showcases the influence of rock over the band. A heavy beat is introduced at the beginning of the song and is quickly joined by a mixture of guitar and bass sections and synthesised backing. It seems that, for this particular track, the vocals of Snider and Rose are brought in to accompany the instrumentation, rather than taking a forefront position.

It is great to see a band which gives a stage to the instrumental section and celebrates the talents of each of its members; the bass guitar, guitar and drums take centre stage and immerse listeners in their musically inspiring indie-rock melodies. Due to the multi-layering of these instruments, it is evident that Minus the Bear are inspired by alternative rock music and the merging of sounds within a single section. ‘Tame Beasts’ is definitely a track to get blood pumping and heads banging on a night out!

The first track on the album, ‘Last Kiss’  is the epitome of the band’s sound and their aim to create musical brilliance. In particular, this track highlights the sheer talent of vocalist Jake Snider; his raw vocals along with the evocative lyrics merge to create a pure indie-rock aura. From the outset, the synthesiser and bass guitar are introduced and then joined by a steady rock beat, maintaining an upbeat rhythm throughout and adding to the overall indie vibe.

March 2017 is set to be the month of fresh indie-rock musicality, with Minus the Bear in the spotlight.

Emma Humphrey



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