Review: The Molochs – America’s Velvet Glory

Reconnecting with their musical roots and where their love and inspiration comes from, The Molochs take the beloved sounds of the 60s and 70s and put their own personal touch and contemporary twist on the retro-indie/alternative/rock genres. Based in LA, the band, set up and lead by Lucas Fitzsimons have just released their next album, titled America’s Velvet Glory, on the 13th January. Recorded with engineer Jonny Bell, the album is true to their musical and American routes, maintaining those classic old school guitar tones throughout, while taking us on a journey through love, loss, hate, and confusion.

Named with a nod to The Velvet Underground, the American rock band active in the 1960s and 70s, The Molochs perfectly echo the sounds of that era, the male vocals brilliantly capturing that specific American twang. Mixing it up with elements of punk, garage, country and folk, The Molochs bring together a colourful spectrum of the sounds of America, brought forward to the 21st Century as if creating a time portal between now and a genre-defining American era.

With a band name referring to an Ancient God of child sacrifice, The Molochs seem to use his name in vain as a clap-back to ruining childhood fun. As they adopt easy-going and leisurely lyrics, they rejuvenate a feeling of childhood carelessness, as tracks such as ‘The One I Love’ and ‘You and Me’ echo a feeling of summertime vibes; you can almost picture that classic scene of a group of careless teens chilling out after school, bashing out some tunes on an old guitar and just having a laugh.

Delving between some softer, sweeter sounds in ‘That’s the Trouble with You’ and some bluesy moments in ‘I Don’t Love You’, giving the album texture and variety, the unifying sound maintains a light-hearted aura, lovingly echoing these classic, retro sounds. The tracks ooze character and the lyrics ooze honesty and dry humour, and The Molochs know their sound and what they want. If retro is your thing, The Molochs are for you.

Rowan Bennett

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