Review: Snow Angel – Snow Angel

Psychedelic Pop band Snow Angel is known for unique instrumental accompaniments, high energy rhythms and lyrics that celebrate love, friendship and positivity. In December, this six piece girl band release their debut eponymously-named album following the success of their single on vinyl, released early 2015. It consists of 11 tracks featuring lead vocals and electric sitar instrumentation from Gabby La La as well as Sarah Melekova on the omnichord. This unusual selection of instrumental accompaniment heightens the psychedelic aura around the music, further entreating listeners to unique and musically intriguing tracks.

One of the songs from the new album, Big Group Hug, clearly symbolises all that Snow Angel set out to achieve with their music. The track opens with the typical rock-beat instrumental section. However, shortly after this introduction, other instruments are layered on top to create an atypical rock sound- evidently drawing from their psychedelic roots and putting their alternative stamp on the genre. In addition to the up-beat instrumental accompaniment, the girls use harmonized vocals with a major key to convey their aim to “create an inclusive community vocal sound and an uplifting experience”. This track focuses on creating a positive and happy environment, surrounding listeners with friendship, love and happiness. Snow Angel use provocative and emotive lyrics which, when coupled with their collective vocals and major key, conveys their intended high spirited ambience.

“We bring the fun, we laugh at everything we do and yeah we get the job done”

The lyrics of this track clearly portray the band’s fun loving attitude, and by expressing this attitude in their music, Snow Angel is definitely seen to create an “uplifting experience” as well as creating music which is relatable to audiences, delving into life scenarios and the positive approach to life which should always be strived for. Snow Angel is definitely a band to keep a look out for in years to come; the world is always in need of some positive and empowering music such as this.

Emma Humphrey



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