Review: Gigi Rowe – Hello Gigi Rowe

Miami-based singer-songwriter Gigi Rowe has recently emerged into the music scene and brought the world to its feet with her upbeat vibrant pop music. Her debut EP Hello Gigi Rowe is the fun, feel good EP we were all hoping for.

Her use of popping synth beats and catchy pop melodies makes her music anthems of the dance floor, with the techno beats creating echoes of retro disco vibes at times.

The debut track ‘Run The Night’ shows off her love and commitment to the pop genre, creating upbeat synth sounds alongside a tuneful melody. She keeps her songs lively and light-hearted with lyrics that are all about having fun and treating life as a party.

The track ‘I Love This Crush’ will take you back to your teen years, singing about love in a carefree way like the good old days when the pop genre wasn’t imbued with sentiments of loss and heartbreak. While maintaining a simple steady tune, the track progressively layers vocals over pop sounds to create a deeper musical effect.

Stripped back and slower-paced, ‘Like The First Time’ exposes Gigi’s beautiful vocals to full effect for the first time in the overall piece. As she sings about that butterfly feeling of first time love, her lyrics remain innocent and light-hearted and are backed up perfectly through her soft and sweet, yet powerful, voice.

Gigi describes the final track of her EP ‘South Beach Stars’ as a song about ‘sipping on cocktails in the skies’ and chilling on a beach with ‘salty air and balmy breezes swirling’. The track therefore ends her EP on this fun-loving message, leaving us caught up in that blissful summer holiday feeling. The added bassier synth sounds also make the track perfect for the dance floor, finishing the EP by having firmly expressed her love for dance-pop music.

Fun, vibrant, and lively, Gigi Rowe’s new EP is packed full of feel good vibes, casting no doubt on the musical talent she truly has. If you’re in the mood for a laugh and a boogie, look no further.

Rowan Bennett

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