Review: Nikki Yanofsky – Solid Gold

Bringing the sweet tones of jazz into the 21st Century, Nikki Yanofsky’s new EP continues to challenge the boundaries of musical genres as she incorporates jazz, folk, pop and R&B in to her new collection. Based in Montreal, Yanofsky’s singer/songwriter career made her a teenage musical prodigy, and professes to owing much of her musical inspiration to Ella Fitzgerald. Reaching out from her jazz roots, she is quickly becoming a massive figure in the modern day pop and R&B scenes. Her new EP Solid Gold is to be released on 28th October. The EP illuminates her prowess over her own unique voice and musical style.

The debut track of the EP brings us into the world of Yanofsky’s jazz-based upbringing, while at the same time hinting towards her far more modern style. Her sweet yet powerful vocals take on an infectiously sassy tone, as her personality is heard within every line of this chilled out track. The laid back vibes in her music resonate throughout the album. Despite addressing sadder topics at time, she never indulges in any sort of musical lament. This aids her message in ‘Me, myself and I’, which calls for us not be defeated by heartbreak and instead learn to be happy by ourselves.

The final two tracks show a musical transformation, as the track ‘Too Many Songs’ transcends into pop and R&B. Perfectly in line with complaining about there being too many songs about love and heartache, the track is funky and vibrant, experimenting with a greater depth of musical layers and modern sounds, including an insertion of male rap vocals. The irony of the song, as her EP is mostly songs on the topic of love, shows her commendably flippant and playful approach to her music.

As the EP concludes on a positive note about love, her dynamic and hugely adaptable voice once again complements her musical adaptations of the pop and R&B genres. The progression of her EP works perfectly, as she simultaneously brings her past musical roots into modern day genres, while bringing her stories of heartache into a forward looking view towards positivity. Yanofsky’s music, brought front-stage in her new EP, is innovative and fundamentally loveable.

Rowan Bennett

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