Review: The Flight – Sarah EP

Having formed a friendship over their similar taste in a unique style of music, musicians Joe Henson and Alexis Smith, AKA The Flight, have created another stunning EP in which the genres of acoustic folk and electro synth intertwine together. After their first two EPs The Hangman and The Sinner Inside, the duo have gained credible musical recognition, composing the game soundtracks for Assassin’s Creed and Alien Isolation, gaining them a BAFTA Games Awards nomination. Since beginning their musical collaboration in 2005, they have also worked alongside artists Lana Del Rey and Alex Maxwell. Their new EP Sarah was released 1 July 2016.

The first track ‘Sarah’ asserts their folk-rock grounding vision. Guest vocalist Kami Thompson gives us passionate raw vocal performances throughout the track, and throughout the EP. The track’s chilled rhythmic interludes are textured with synth and subtle bass, beginning to give us a taste of the experimental musical direction the EP will progressively venture into. The track ‘My Love’ truly portrays the majestical warm tones the duo so perfectly create, as the folkloric musical essence is transformed by the bass and synth to create a powerful, almost haunting, sound. The beautiful deep female vocals take on a basic song structure and simple lyrics, as this folk style is surrounded by modern electronic musical creativity.

Kami Thompson’s impressive vocal range and skill are evident in ‘Tears Run Dry’, as the layered vocals, split between octaves, again show a simple tune materialised and artfully produced to create a powerful piece of music. As folk, indie rock and electro are met in harmony together, this track in particular achieves empowering and striking sounds. The delicacy of the composition along with the passion and depth of the performance does not go amiss, as this track is truly the climax of the EP, establishing and throwing no doubt as to the incredible musical skill and unique style the duo hold.

Although intercepted by interludes of what can only be described by the name of the track as musical ‘Fury’, the final track concludes the EP by stripping back the electronic sounds and exposing sweet vocals along with gentle guitar chords. The episodes of heavy synth, electro and bass draw the whole EP together as the musical variety they have produced throughout the EP is demonstrated to us in its conclusion. As the vocals continue to remain soft and undramatic as the instrumentals seem to explode into fury and passion, a poignant feeling of a female voice having been battered down to complacency is created. This beautifully expressive and explosive EP is then perfectly concluded on a soft, simple tone.

Rich with passion, emotion and skilful musicianship, The Flight’s new EP is stunning. While the tracks are great on the own, a new depth and richness is discovered when listened to together.

Rowan Bennett

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