Review: Scarlette – Attack of the 6ft Woman

Dealing with a myriad of issues, from introspection to drug addiction, singer-songwriter Scarlette (known formerly as Karen Barrow) provides the opportunity for both inward and outward reflection with new album, Attack of the 6ft Woman.

Beginning with the punkiest title track of the moment, this album is as diverse in style as it is in theme, with each song adhering to a different genre.

Whilst listeners may argue that the promised rockiness of the album appears to dwindle after the opening track, it’s worth listening on until ‘PS I Hate You’, a song that delves in to a punky chorus after a seemingly pop-esque introduction.

During the interim of the more rocky tunes, however, a collection of peaceful, melodic tracks appears, echoing a sense of self-exploration. In the songs ‘Crash and Burn’ and ‘Helen’, for example, exists an intriguing examination on the lost aspects of youth, with a particular emphasises on living in the moment. With the use of her musical talent, the singer has luckily succeeded in tackling such ‘coming of age’ themes while also avoiding musical corniness.

Similarly, through applying her own take on alternative rock in ‘Where’s The Fun?’ and ‘Good Life’, Scarlette bestows an uplifting gift upon her listeners. Fortunately, for all loathers of the mainstream, these tracks achieve their invigorating essence by refraining from the style of generic pop.

As an ongoing music student (Scarlette is currently studying Grade 8 guitar, amongst many other subjects), she is constantly growing artistically as well as personally – something she is able to illustrate in the versatile masterpiece that is Attack of the 6ft Woman. A master of wit and words, she manifests an ability to observe the complexity of life both maturely and creatively. ‘Boy meets Girl’ is a particularly poignant track, delving into the breakdown of romantic relationships and the complex issue of sexuality.

Despite its melancholic feel, which is fuelled by the sombre piano playing and stirring guitar riffs, Barrow’s angelic voice add a spiritual charm that resonates through the remainder of the album. In a similar vein, ‘Let Love’ and ‘Respect’ equally demonstrate a sensitive and informed approach to the complex difficulties that life can bring.

As the album reveals, Scarlette isn’t just the creator of rocky anthems; she is the master of heart-felt pieces, too. Examining concepts in an accessible and human way, Attack of the 6ft Woman is destined for listeners of all kinds, from love-addled teens, to wise adults. A tantalising concoction of palpable emotion, musical genius and artistic ability, Attack of the 6ft Woman is an album through which Scarlette is able to illuminate her unmistakable talent.

Beth Andralojc

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