Review: Victoria+Jean – Divine Love

Unique musical duet, Victoria+Jean, have, according to Pierre Milkaïloff, collaborated with several of “today’s greatest sound engineers” to create their debut album, Divine Love, which they intend to release at the end of April this year.

Forming in Brussels, Victoria+Jean, reportedly partnering both musically and romantically, have created their debut album consisting of 12 tracks. Each of the tracks focus on the couple’s experiences of travelling the world; places such as New York, London, Paris and Stockholm. The musicality of each of their tracks is unique to the producer at work, and highlights a different aspect of the band’s musical ability.

The first, titualr track on the album incorporates a mixture of soft tranquil vocals and an unusual synthesised instrumental accompaniment. The band called upon Ian Caple to produce this particular track. He uses the meaningful lyrics performed by Victoria to portray the raw emotions of the couple’s life as they travel the world. Through the use of evocative vocals coupled with the minor chord progressions, Caple and the duo have created an exceptionally unique track which sets a tranquil yet edgy tone for this indie-pop style debut album.

However, this track differs greatly from the others on the album- increased rock and electronic influences within the other tracks are sure to alter the initial tone of Divine Love for many listeners.

In contrast to their first track, ‘Holly’ highlights the rock influences within this album. Starting with an electric guitar introduction to set the tempo, more electronic instrumental layers are soon added to create technically advanced rock music to accompany the unique lyrics. Victoria’s vocals are soon introduced to add another depth to this track along with typical rock percussion. Her vocals are more erratic in contrast to those in ‘Divine Love’, creating the ultimate pop rock song and highlighting the versatility of this band.

In a similar vein to ‘Holly’, ‘Takes You Like A Rose’ also uses aspects of rock music as the basis of the track. The opening minute of this track consists of an unusual guitar solo by Jean. This is accompanied by unique sound effects to create a alternative introduction. Victoria’s intense vocals gradually join the suspense filled instrumental track to create a powerful rock vibe and draw listeners into their alternative pop rock tone.

Overall, Victoria+Jean are set to hit the music industry by storm with their unique sounds, faultless guitar solos and intense, emotionally engaged vocals. This debut album is definitely one to watch, as they are sure to add a new level of musicality to the alternative pop-rock scene.

Emma Humphrey

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