Review: The Golden Grass – Coming Back Again

70s rock revival trio The Golden Grass return with their sophomore album Coming Back Again; a 6 track offering with very little to actually offer.

The album kicks off with the lead single ‘Get It Together’, which, despite the band’s psychedelic image and branding, is essentially a poorer version of a Grand Funk Railroad or Allman Brothers Band song. The typical hard rock style guitar and lyrics, which are somehow even more generic than the music itself, repeatedly declare  “we got to get it together” and “come on brothers, sisters / take my hand”.

The song, like almost every track on the album, has a clunky segue into a psych-inspired solo with reverb suddenly turned to 10, which gives the album less of a progressive feel and more of a maladroit mashing together of the key features of the early 70s American rock scene. The eight minute ‘Shadow Traveller’ and nearly 10 minute ‘Down the Line’ both continue in the same vein: a four or five minute segment of incredibly middle of the road hard rock, and then a spacey solo randomly inserted where they see fit, giving the album very little cohesion.

The only attempt at making this a wholesome listening experience rather than just a collection of middling songs is the instrumental interlude ‘Hazy Daybreak’ – a folk piece with ambient wails and a catchy rhythm which is bizarrely the best track on the album, despite being only a couple of minutes long.

The faux-psychedelic aesthetic adopted by the band, characterised by completely middling songs being tainted by random flangers or echoes, is ultimately one that will harm them as the indecisiveness, as well as a distinct lack of any original thought, makes their music completely forgettable. Although, undoubtedly, the positive effect it will have is the presumable commercial success they attain when it’s Christmas time and you need to buy your classic rock; loving dad a present for under a fiver.

Max Smith

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