Review: Alfred Hall – Safe and Sound EP

Formed in 2009, and already gaining solid musical recognition following their debut album, Wilderness, nominated for “Best Pop Album” by the Norwegian Grammys, Norwegian pop due Alfred Hall continue to deliver colourful, expressive and vibrant sounds through their slightly alternative approach to the pop musical genre.

Best friends since childhood, musical duo Hans Thomas and Bjørn Tvelt are back again with their new EP titled Safe and Sound.

Alfred Hall produced a hit single in Norway titled ‘So Bright’, which the band resurface in their new EP. This success was followed by ‘Lose that Gun’ being nominated as “Scandinavia’s Best Music Video” at the Bergen International Film Festival in 2013. No doubt, therefore, this new upcoming band have collected a strong array of fans from in and around Europe, with their new material about to please the masses.

A colourful musical experience of festive spring-come-summertime excitement comes to mind as we listen to Alfred Hall’s new EP. Grounded within the pop genre, the four tracks in collaboration with one another bring together feelings of friendship, love, unity and happiness. To this, Alfred Hall once again delight our senses as they offer a refreshing break, allowing us to fully indulge in simple, feel-good vibes.

Safe and Sound’s titular track (with the EP including both the 2016 radio mix and Simon Field’s remix) epitomises Alfred Hall’s musical ideological; it is vibrant, rhythmic, and essentially good fun. While the radio mix shows off the bands slight playfulness with their sound, experimenting with some more electronic alternations and interesting instrumentals around the simple melody, the Simon Field remix takes this one step further. While not loosing the lighthearted essence of the original track, it dives deeper into experimentation as it contrasts a more chilled out ambient approach to the track with heavier techno beats.

The songs are all unique, as we see the final track of the EP ‘Wild at Heart’, stripping back the effects slightly and revealing a more acoustic sound as it explores both the folk and pop genres. Perhaps this different, slightly fresher sound reflects the message within the track, as they sing about being young and fresh, embracing life and life’s experiences.

Overall, Alfred Hall’s new EP is exciting, youthful and vibrant and they should be commended for their lightheartedness, not falling into the same gloomy cave of heart-break and love’s struggles as many others do within the contemporary pop world. Each track is unique and expressive, and together, they will be sure to brighten up your day.

Rowan Bennett

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