Review: Laish – Song For Everything

Laish, one of Brighton’s most favoured folk bands, are well known for producing alternative songs with heavy folk influences, combining heartfelt lyrics and unique instrumental accompaniment to create truly stunning music. This year, they are continuing to bring new and distinctive musicality to the folk scene with a new EP Song for Everything.

Led by lead vocalist and songwriter Daniel Green, and joined by band members Tom, Patrick and Talitha, Laish has previously shown listeners their intermingled use of folk and rock styles to create exceptional songs, resulting in numerous magazines reviews which shone praise and positivity across all of their singles.

It is clear that when listening to the band’s latest album, Obituaries, Laish draw on the folk tradition whilst incorporating modern rock elements, to bring their music into a new dimension, and the band’s new EP promises the same type of musicality with only a few alterations. The first, titular track on their EP takes a prominently more rock based tone, leaving behind the instrumental openings and focusing on a more sustained mellow rock rhythm to accompany Green’s soft and thought-provoking vocals.

Another of the tracks, ‘My Little Prince’, also introduces listeners to Laish’s use of electronic instrumental backing, increasing their alternative rock sound.

This new EP is bound to showcase the new sounds of the band, but will definitely still please their fans, attract new listeners and continue to contribute new and unique music to the folk-rock community.

Emma Humphrey 

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