Review: yndi halda – Under Summer

Brighton based quintet yndi halda, consisting of band members James, Jack, Brendan, Oliver and Daniel, were all still in school at the time of the band’s creation. In 2007, their first set of recordings were broadcast to the world via websites and live performances, establishing the band within the pop-rock music industry. Due to their musical victories, in March 2016 we are set to see the return of yndi halda, with their new album, Under Summer.

After the roaring success of their self-released debut EP Enjoying Eternal Bliss in 2007, the band decided to further treat their fans to even more alternative pop-rock musicality.  For their new album, Under Summer, yndi halda have stuck with tradition for the most part, with their heavy use of orchestral instruments to accompany the underlying pop-rock influence of drums and bass guitar. James Vella, the lead vocalist, provides an array of instrumental backing including glockenspiel, organ and piano; Daniel Neal also adds to the orchestral undertones by serenading listeners with his technically flawless violin playing. Only a few musical adjustments to their style are present on their new record, including more vocals into the tracks. Again, this album is to consist of only have four tracks of varying length; all substantial though with no song lasting less than ten minutes.

One of their tracks, ‘Together Those Leaves’, starts with soft and tranquil vocals and an accompaniment of violin and guitar, in keeping with yndi halda style. However, there are numerous transitions of sound to typical rock-drum rhythmical sections before returning to tranquillity.

‘This Very Flight’ uses elongated minor chords played on the violin, deep and emotional vocals and delicate guitar plucking to evoke an array of emotions; the music almost draws the listeners into reminiscing about times gone by. However, the second half of this track is more like traditional pop-rock, using synthesized instruments, heavily clashing chords and louder vocals.

Even though there are only four tracks on their new album, yndi halda have the ability to convey just as much raw emotion, and definitely achieve creating an intense atmosphere, whilst simultaneously pleasing the ears of all those who listen.

Emma Humphrey 

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