Review: The Altered Hours – In Heat Not Sorry

From the Irish city of Cork, a five piece band with an utterly unique sound came together to create alternative music which captivated their audience. Now, they have released their first full length album, In Heat Not Sorry. With distortion, clashing chords, minor keys and intriguing vocals, the band have included all the common elements of their previous singles such as ‘Dig Early’ and ‘Smoke Your Eyes’. The Altered Hours have produced an album to collaborate all their musical abilities and eccentricities: “testing and sometimes disrupting that fine balance between tranquility and chaos”.

Before the creation of their debut album, the band secured tours in Ireland, the UK and around Europe, electrifying each stage they stepped on to. In the midst of their touring success, the band was invited to produce their single ‘Sweet Jelly Roll’ in Berlin , propelling the band into further musical success and consequently leading to the creation of their debut album two years later, also in Berlin.

The new album consists of ten tracks, most of substantial length, and varying from the purely instrumental to the heavily vocal. ‘Rotting’, their most simplistic track consists of a simple riff, leaving listeners in a hypnotic and contemplative trance which intensifies as the minutes tick by. Also instrumentally heavy is ‘Birds’, only minimally layering spoken sections in order to enhance the emotion already vividly portrayed by the persistent reverb and bass line.

At the other end of their broad musical range is the technically advanced track ‘Silver Leather’. The combination of distorted instrumental backing and demure vocals promptly alters, introducing a heavier, more distinct bass line and elongated minor notes within the lyrical section. The diverse musical technique which this band displays is the definitive reason for the success of the Altered Hours.

Their psychedelic music looks to please the ears of those looking for unique musicality. By bringing a “sense of darkness to their sound”, as Clash magazine explains, along with eerie instrumental reverb and evocative lyrics, this develops yet another layer to their music. From their previous tracks, it is evident that their alternative music serves to encompass listeners in a psychedelic whirlwind; transgressing the expectations of rock music entirely. Their debut album is no different and promises to help bring alternative music to the forefront of the music industry. They have already released their upcoming tour dates, touring across the UK, Europe but, sticking to tradition, commencing their tour in Ireland this January.

Emma Humphrey

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