Review from the Archive: Safe Haven Soundtrack

One can most certainly expect a film that is adapted from a Nicholas Sparks novel to be rife with romantic gestures and starry-eyed lovers. However, the soundtrack to the most recent film, Safe Haven, is a beautiful departure from the repetitive, stale storylines that are so prevalent in modern romantic films. The soothing and melodic tunes of the album are certainly in keeping with its theme – that of embarking upon an exciting journey into the unknown. The loving tone of the tracks are tinged with an edge of wisdom and experience that separates them from many other of the acoustic, sweet-sounding songs smattered throughout film soundtracks.
The lead track of the album, We Both Know is from the multi-talented Gavin DeGraw and Colbie Caillat. Known as the musical spirit of One Tree Hill, DeGraw’s vocals combined with Caillat’s gentle and harmonious voice results in a hopeful track of recognition and optimism. The song is a perfect blend of empathy and unity between the two.
Undoubtedly, the hidden gem of the album is Gareth Dunlop’s Wrap Your Arms Around Me. The gruff, yet warm vocals paired with his consoling tone and simplistic lyrics, make for a fantastic contribution to an album that represents trying to find a safe light within the darkness.
Next is Brandi Carlile, an artist that has been featured on many popular soundtracks such as Grey’s Anatomy and The Good Wife, so it is really no surprise that her track, Heart’s Content, is featured here. Her headstrong lyrics alongside the lilting piano make for a song that is sure to put you in a reminiscing mood. This being juxtaposed with Amos Lee’s Violin, serves to achieve a beautiful accompaniment to the laid-back, dreamy tone of the soundtrack.
Finally, two more tracks to look out for would be from the incredible British talent, Ben Howard and new venture from the former bassist for One Republic, FM Radio. Howard’s Keep Your Head Up adds a definitive element of exploration to the album – one that comes with attempting to pursue your sense of self. Whilst The Journey, is another serene and forward-looking tune bringing its own sense of individuality to the tracks.
The soundtrack is full of first-class musicians and if the album is a reflection of the quality of the film, then there are very high hopes and expectations.

Rachel McKinne


For fans of: Lissie and Nicholas Sparks films

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