Review: Rocky Nti – Ride On EP

Rocky Nti is a man on a mission. After having honed his songwriting skills, played numerous festivals, and worked with notable producers, he is ready to break the mainstream. And after listening to his debut EP, Ride On, there’s no reason why he shouldn’t succeed. This EP is collection of happy, poppy, summer tracks, and is a very promising start for this up-and-comer. Rocky’s cheeky-chappy vocals sounds distinctly, and rather startlingly, like a young Damon Albarn in his Blur heyday, and he’s not one to be shy with the melody. The songs often boast of lyrical refrains undoubtedly written with the idea of having them sung back lovingly by a devoted audience, providing evidence Rocky is obviously shooting for the big time.

Opening and title track ‘Ride On’ is a frantic, jaunty, and undeniably British, pop song – think a 21st century Jam. ‘Long Road Ahead’ sounds like the song Ed Sheeren never wrote, and it’s surprising he hasn’t been on the phone complaining about plagiarism. ‘Move Forward’ begs the biggest chorus of the EP, with thumping drums and soaring vocals. ‘Hell is Empty’ is perhaps the weakest of the collection – a rather uninspired affair that doesn’t boast the unique sound found on the previous three tracks.

Yet, for the slight anticlimax of ‘Hell is Empty’, Rocky Nti has produced a very accomplished debut EP. His music is mainstream, yet not the over-produced and hollow tracks that dominate the charts at the present moment, setting Rocky up for a wide demographic. With a charisma that echoes of a Jamie T type persona, and a knack for a pop hook, Rocky Nti is a name you should familiarise yourself with now.

Tara Hodgson

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