Temples At Leadmill 4/12/14- Review

An undeniable presence in the current psych revival, Temples brought their take on sixties psychedelia to Sheffield’s Leadmill in December. The crowd largely consisted of what appeared to be descendants of the shoegazer generation; clad in black with overwhelming amounts of facial glitter. And while Temples were on form, they struggled to muster the crowd into more than just the occasional swaying. Despite this, what they lacked in showmanship they more than made up for in their electric, dreamy performance. James Bagshaw’s voice was infallible, and added to the shimmering qualities of the band’s music, which filled the Leadmill’s intimate venue with its psychedelic waves. ‘Shelter Song’ got the best reception; a song so cemented in the sixties it could quite easily have come from the song-writing pens of Lennon and McCartney. However, it seems that Temples are one of those rare bands who thrive more at a festival show than at their own gigs. The extended jamming session at the gig’s culmination edged towards the tedious, and seemed to indicate that this band is better suited to the lazy, hazy atmosphere of a festival tent in summer, than a gloomy indie club on a cold December evening. Overall, Temples gave a high quality performance, but perhaps didn’t live up to the potential that their songs promise.

Tara Hodgson

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